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Welcome to our Lifeline Independent Agent Portal

If you are someone that can stay focused and are willing to work our program for success, then this may be for you.  I can tell you that there is nothing hard or complicated about the program.  You provide the commitment, and becoming an Independent Lifeline Agent that is able to earn between $17 and $20 per phone placed. will take just these 3 simple steps. What you must have to get the ball rolling is dependable transportation, a tablet or smart phone with data that is not a Lifeline phone, the ability to accept a commission only position, live in the greater Tulsa area and have the drive to be successful.  To learn more fill out the form below. 

Step 1. Fill out our simple Independent Agent form below and be prepared for your one on one interviews.

Step 2. First, you will go through a short phone interview, then if you meet our basic criteria, you will be forwarded on for a second face to face interview with a hiring manager. During this step all of your questions will be answered and we will both make sure that this opportunity is for you.

Step 3. Get started and work the program as you will be trained then commit to doing what it takes to be successful.  It is really that simple!

Thank you for your interest.  You should expect a telephone call within 48-72 hours that will get the process started.  We look forward to speaking with you.